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STRANGERS is about one young woman, Isobel Song (Zoë Chao), and her experience renting out the spare room in her house via Airbnb. In the throes of a messy and painful breakup, resulting from Isobel cheating on her long-term boyfriend with a woman, she can no longer afford rent and decides to become a host on Airbnb to generate extra income. With the help of her androgynous lesbian best friend Cam (Meredith Hagner), she navigates the most emotionally complicated time of her life, in terms of both her sexual and professional identities, all the while dealing with a revolving door of new guests in her home. This is a series about the intricacies of human connection, about the messiness and chaos of modern life, love, and womanhood, and what happens when strangers come together and share the most intimate of places: the home. Strangers is about the families we don’t always get to choose— as well as the ones we do— and the beautifully serendipitous moments between strangers in a city where anything feels possible.

Music Supervisor(s):  Maggie Phillips
Music Clearance: Jennifer Lanchart & Jody Friedman
Producer(s):  Riel Roch Decter
Director(s):  Mia Lidofsky
Composer:  Adam Crystal
Distributor(s):  Refinery29, Beachside Films
Executive Producer(s):  Jesse Peretz, Michael B. Clark, Alex Turtletaub



Episode 101

Jimmy Franco” by Lolawolf
“End of the Line” by James Levy
“Midnight Hour” by Sydney Wayser
“Linger” by The Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout
“Only You” by Lolawolf

Episode 102

“Ghost” by Trouble Andrew
“Colder” by Young Gunna
“Part of Me” by Emma The Great
“Love Me 2 Much” by Luke Rathborne
“How Did I Get Through The Day” by Har Mar Superstar

Episode 103

“Recognize” by The Wild Reeds
“Anything You Want” by HYDDE & MOONZz
“Little Marriage” by Lia Ices
“Our Hearts” by Firehorse

Episode 104

“Small Black” by Real People (feat. Frankie Rose)
“Drive” by Lolawolf
“Don’t Trip” by Baked
“Love Survive” by Michael Nau

Episode 105

All original score by Adam Crystal

Episode 106

“It’s Late” by G
“Tomorrow Morning” by Lola Kirke
“Hey Moon” by John Maus
“If You Don’t Want to Be Alone” by Firehorse

Episode 107

“Heavyweight” by Emmy The Great
“Aries” by Gold Lake
“Invisible Ink” by Emmy The Great
“No Hope (That Guy Remix)” by Kafka Tamur