Script-doctoring, Adaptations, and Consulting

Script-doctoring, Adaptations, and Consulting

Riding The Tiger Productions adapts books and short stories to film, translating the essence and power of a story told in print into the language of visual storytelling. Lydia Nibley also provides script-doctoring for fiction and nonfiction films and specializes in character-driven stories.

Recent media consulting projects include: writing a short film for an international client who wanted a project to have the kind of depth and humanity that could potentially drive millions of hits worldwide; conceptualizing a reality television series; consulting on a rough cut of a documentary to solve story problems and edit the length of the piece to the broadcast hour; serving as a story consultant on a film that was on its way to the editing room but needed to be reinvented from the ground up; refining a dramatic script to add depth to the characters, polish dialogue, and give the story more international appeal.

Do you have writer’s block, a project you can’t quite get off the ground, or a brilliant idea that needs to be executed? Give us a call.

Teaching The Art of Story

Teaching The Art of Story and Film-Related Outreach

Lydia Nibley teaches a seminar on The Art of Story. The seminar explores how to skillfully use detail and research to deepen the “truth” told in fictional stories, and how to make the most of the tools of fiction–character, plot, dialogue, setting, scene, narrative arc–in the telling of true stories.

She has recently been an artist-in-residence at Stephens College, and a visiting professor and speaker at Harvard University, UCLA, the University of Missouri, Cal State Fullerton, The Colorado College, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, San Jose State, University of Michigan, Washington State University, and the University of Southern California.

Lydia has also presented her film work and lectured at a number of libraries and museums around the United States.

Lydia’s work is recognized in instructional books about making successful documentaries. She was interviewed for Andrew Zinnes’ The Documentary Film Makers Handbook where TWO SPIRITS is featured as a case study. Also, TWO SPIRITS is studied and recommended in Bill Nichols’ Introduction to Documentary, 2nd Edition.

To schedule a screening or a master class, please call.

Ghostwriting and Developmental Editing

Ghostwriting and Developmental Editing

Lydia Nibley works with authors, agents, and publishers to help conceptualize a book, ghostwrite a manuscript, consult with the author during the writing of the book, or refine a completed manuscript.

Recent projects include guiding the development of two memoirs, the revision of a novel based on actual events, ghost writing a personal growth book, and the editing of a nonfiction book that debuted at the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

While others freeze at the sight of a blank page on a computer screen, tabula rasa is great fun around here. Conceptualizing and developing books projects is something we do for fun. Really. Try us out.

Creative Collaboration

Creative Collaboration

In addition to her own projects, Lydia Nibley works with clients to develop and execute projects and to assemble the right creative team to maximize the impact of a wide range of film, television, and book projects.

Lydia and Riding The Tiger Productions work to create projects from conception to execution, to deepen and refine a story, and to tweak an almost-completed project. Clients tell us that we make good stories great and that our work is artful, moving, and humane. We take on projects we know we can enhance, and we love what we do to create artful stories that have the desired impact with audiences.

Do you have a project that would benefit from a fresh perspective? Let us know.